Philipp Wolf

CEO, Custify

About Philipp: As the CEO of Custify, Philipp Wolf helps SaaS businesses deliver great results for customers. After seeing companies spend big money with no systematic approach to customer success, Philipp knew something had to change. He founded Custify to provide a tool that lets agents spend time with clients—instead of organizing CRM data.

About Custify: Custify provides the most user-friendly customer success platform for SaaS companies. It equips CSMs with the right tools to understand customer health, app usage, reduce churn, and increase productivity. Their clients benefit from its unique concierge onboarding support and get set up in hours, not weeks. With Custify, companies can easily unify customer data and scale customer success activities with automation.

Topic: Why You Need Good SaaS Offboarding Tactics + Case Study

Key takeaways:

  1. Creating a Customer Offboarding Checklist
  2. Best tactics to ensure top results in offboarding