Paul Henderson

Director - Outcome Leaders

About Paul: Paul Henderson is an author, speaker and consultant on creating income through customer outcomes. In his last role, he led a team of 200 people in running an outcome program for over 5 years. He’s written two books, both on outcomes. And he’s writing his third – Income from Outcomes.

About Outcome Leaders: Outcome Leaders helps B2B companies create Income from Outcomes. Through a combination of consulting, workshops and training, vendors develop a Customer Outcome Program tailored to their business.

Topic: A Yawning Gap in Customer Engagement. And What to Do about It.

Key takeaways:

Customers and prospects make three decisions in their buying cycle. They Decide to Act, They decide What to Do and they decide Who to Buy.

For the first and second decisions, customers now get most of the information they need online. As a result, they don’t engage vendors until late in their buying cycle. Vendors’ have lost their engagement early in the buying cycle. So, their ability to influence the customer has plummeted.

To re-establish engagement and influence early in the buying cycle, you need a different focus. We’ll show you how to re-establish that early engagement and influence.