Maranda Dziekonski

Chief Customer Officer - Swiftly

About Maranda: Maranda Dziekonski is the Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly. Maranda has over 20 years of experience both working in and building world-class operations. She has extensive experience building and scaling teams in early and mid-stage startups and has been part of 3 companies with successful exits (one unicorn).

Her specialties are Customer Success (B2B, B2C, B2B2C), Renewals Management, Customer Support (B2B, B2C), Tech Support, Contact Centers (Inbound/Outbound), Sales, and various other teams in operations.

About Swiftly: Swiftly has created the first big data platform specifically designed for transportation data and operations.

Topic: Core metrics you should watch to know if your CS Org is driving outcomes

Key takeaways:

  1. What metrics you should you be measuring to understand the health of your customer portfolio?
  2. What do you do with that data once you have it?
  3. What metrics does your board typically care about?