Althea Wallop

Director of Product, Loris AI

About Althea: Althea is a Creative Technologist leading Product at Loris AI. Her work revolves around how humans interact with, learn from, and create intelligent technology – answering questions such as, “What really makes humans different from machines?”. She studied in the Symbolic Systems program at Stanford University where she specialized in Learning Systems through a combination of Machine Learning, Philosophy of Mind, and Cognitive Neuroscience.

About Loris AI: Loris is an AI company building NLP-based conversational intelligence software for CX teams to understand their customer needs in real time. Loris now works with fast-growing D2C and B2C brands across multiple industries including marketplace, fintech and delivery, and our novel dataset consists of millions of anonymized textual interactions between businesses and their customers.

Topic: Conversational AI: the easiest way to scale better interactions with your customers

Key Takeaways:

  1. The latest AI technology trends at the intersection of CX & CS
  2. How to bring together the ideal ecosystem of bots, human agents, and technology
  3. An action plan to audit your CS / CX technology stack to assess the opportunities to improve your department’s ROI